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SkillsTutor places the same significance in high standards for education as the state of West Virginia. By taking advantage of SkillsTutor’s digital instruction, schools and students across West Virginia can raise their level of education and improve assessment scores.


We are listed as one of the six state-approved distance education curricula in the 2010 - 2011 West Virginia ABE Handbook - Check out the link listed on the bookshelf below.


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West Virginia Standards for Education Specifics


The primary standards for West Virginia are:

  • 21st Century Mathematics Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools
  • 2010 West Virginia Early Learning Standards
  • 2010 Common Core State Standards

SkillsTutor will assist students in their preparation for the WESTEST 2. With the support of digital instruction form SkillsTutor, students have more potential to raise scores on the WESTEST 2 with time.



West Virginia Standards Bookshelf


Provided in the links listed below are additional details about the West Virginia standards for education. These details offer supplemental information to the content provided on this page.




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SkillsTutor has been an intricate part of our computer-based classroom resources for many years.  It offers a myriad of opportunities for teachers and administrators to analyze individual progress and intervention lessons for immediate and effective assistance.  Administrators will monitor schoolwide student improvements with ease and easily detect the elements of necessary reform.  We rely on SkillsTutor for critical and timely skill evidence to assist us in making data-driven decisions.


Steve Knighton, Principal
Piedmont Elementary
Kanawha County, WV